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In today’s world, homebuyers looking to own a property in Richmond Hill can easily search online and find their desired home listed for sale in the province. While this brings a lot of convenience to the realtor and the buyer, it however means one important thing to the realtor: which is that the property has to be listed with attention-grabbing, eye catchy, and high-quality photos attached. The content created to market the property MUST appeal to the aesthetic sense of potential buyers because otherwise, it can lead to some serious disadvantages. This is where real estate photography comes into the real estate business.

Are you a realtor, homeowner, or real estate enthusiast? Surf on as we go through real estate photography and its importance in today’s real estate world.

What is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography is an aspect of commercial photography that deals with the creation of photos for property listing that a real estate agent is looking to sell. Professional real estate photographers understand market requirements and expectations, hence why they are demanded whenever a home is to be listed for sale. 

Now, to be clear, real estate photography is not just any type of photography as it is different from other branches of photography in quite a few ways. The first major difference is in the name of the industry “real estate”, which already provides enough details on where professionals in the field function and the industry they serve. That said, a real estate photographer is distinct from a landscape, architectural, sports, wedding, food, or fashion photographer. They serve different industries and the expectations from them are not the same.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

Still not sure why you need real estate photography for your listings? We’ve provided five benefits of hiring a real estate photographer that will change your mind and ultimately change your business for the better. 

Real estate photography attracts more buyers 

One of the major reasons why real estate photography should be a necessity when listing homes is how it creates a good impression about the property, both physically and online. As studies have shown, homes that are listed with professional high-quality photos get more clicks, gain better impressions, and generate more leads. It takes a professional real estate photographer or a photography company like PRO Studio with a deep understanding of how the real estate market works to know the right type of shots that catches homebuyers’ fancy.

Sell listings faster

If a listed home attracts more buyers, you can also expect it to bring competition and sell faster. A study by PR Newswire has shown that homes listed with professional photos attached sell over 32% faster than other homes. It’s not rocket science, it’s all about creating a good impression and adding value to the property. Advertisement is the soul of business, and believe us when we say this, your advert isn’t complete without professional real estate photos. 

It adds more professionalism to your job as an agent 

Homebuyers like to have the assurance that they are dealing with a professional who can offer them what they need. Why bother describing what the property looks like when a good photography service from PRO Studio can do that for you? Alongside other services like matterport virtual tour, real estate videography, drone photography, and more, you will gain a competitive edge over other realtors in Richmond Hill. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the business, the high-quality images in your portfolio will give you a more professional outlook, which is exactly how you want to be seen. 

Saves you time and produces a better result 

Perhaps you own a DSLR or a top-end phone with good camera capabilities, but how much time do you have to go around taking pictures of all the properties available for sale? Even if you do have the time, do you actually have the skills for the job? As earlier mentioned, real estate photography is a unique branch of photography and there are techniques, standards, and skills needed to get the job done. Hiring a real estate photographer will save you the stress, time, and worry of getting the right shots. 

Top real estate photography in Richmond Hill also includes a drone photography service with which you can capture more intricate images of the property. Aerial shots from drones can be great marketing materials for your brand. 

Sell listings for more

There are only two impressions you can create with your photography skills when it comes to real estate marketing: you either create a bad or good one. A potential buyer can only either be interested in a listed home based on the quality of the photos you provide online or be uninterested. This means you either get it right or wrong. The better the impression you can create of a property, the higher a buyer will be willing to pay, and vice versa. So, yes, not using a real estate photographer could make you lose thousands of dollars. PRO Studio offers one of the best real estate photography services in Richmond Hill, helping your listings gain higher market value and higher selling price.


A local real estate photography company in Richmond Hill can help you leverage photography to build and elevate your brand. This is what we do at PRO Studio Real Estate Photography, helping realtors generate more leads and close more deals through photography. If you wish to create an attractive real estate campaign, professional real estate photos should be a priority because, without these, you are unlikely to get the desired result. However, the outcome of the content you will be using in your marketing campaign is dependent on the photographer handling the project. You need high-end photos that can help you convert leads to sales, which is why PRO Studio is an excellent business partner when it comes to real estate photography in Richmond Hill. 

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